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Handmade !
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Amaze your visitors and customers with a live sand sculpture performance!

All sculptures are created right before your eyes and those of your guests and customers.

Do you need an ephemeral sculpture for a one-time event or a durable sculpture to grab visitor's attention?

We are the leading events agency in Europe, specializing in ephemeral sculptures.

With a savoir-faire of nearly 15 years in sculpture, Stephen Lozza and his team will plunge your guests, professionals or individuals, young or old, in a memorable delight. 

Tell us your idea and we will take care of every detail.

We take care of everything: materials, installation, realization of the artwork, securing the location and a complete disassembly.

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  • Guaranteed "Wow" Effect: Delight your guests, both private and corporate, with a pleasant surprise.

  • Social Media and Press Buzz: Ensure your event goes viral across social platforms and media outlets.

  • Stand Out Creatively: Differentiate yourself from competitors in a creative way.

  • Increase Foot Traffic: Attract more visitors to a specific location.

  • Captivate Family Audiences: Engage families with a love for artistic performance.

  • Memorable Experience: Encourage the capture of numerous photos/videos.

  • Grab Attention at Arrival: Make an impact when guests arrive or when launching a new product.

  • Artistically Enhance Your Brand: Strengthen your brand image creatively and artistically at your events.

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T. Duchery, Paramount

For the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Summer Tour, the activation campaign on the beaches was a resounding success with the audience.

The specifications were met, and the sculptures contributed to an unprecedented media visibility, to our great satisfaction.

J.F. Martin, Airbus

We have been using their team-building services for several years now, and each time, their ability to suggest ideas and set up workshops captivates the participants.

Looking forward to the next one!

D. Picard, Citroën Geneva

The reproduction of the 2CV for our open house event was a huge hit among our guests.

They took charge of the entire realization process from A to Z with brilliance and enthusiasm.

It was a wonderful experience.



We also work with a range of cold materials, including snow and ice.

We specialize in creating sculptures and decorations.



We also work with a range of durable materials, including plaster and concrete. We specialize in the creation of sculptures and decorations, as well as finishes such as touch-ups and painting.

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Stephen Lozza
Stephen Lozza Picture.png

2024 Sand Sculpting Champion of France.

Professional sculptor originally from Colmar, the city where Bartholdi, the sculptor who created the Statue of Liberty, was born. Stephen Lozza, a graduate of the Fine Arts of Montpellier and a member of the Maison des Artistes since 2010, offers to put all his experience and expertise at your service.

Specializing in corporate events with sand sculpture, Stephen meets all your requests: promotion for the launch of a new product/service, an open door, corporate event, exhibitions, creative animation, team building, introduction to sculpture or simply buy a unique sculpture.

Our team
Team sculpteur.jpg

We are Europe’s leading event agency specializing in ephemeral sculptures. We combine our expertise with dynamic marketing and public relations strategies to elevate the visibility and impact of our partners.

For large-scale projects requiring several professionals, we collaborate with the best artist-sculptors on the market who have 20 to 30 years of expertise .

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Artistic Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that each sculpture and every team-building workshop will be executed according to the highest artistic standards, fully meeting your expectations in terms of quality and aesthetic output.

Extended Durability Guarantee

By applying a natural, odorless tree sap-based fixative, we extend the lifespan of our sculptures to several months, with an outdoor record of four months.

We also recommend installing a shade sail to protect the sculptures from rain and heat, an aesthetically pleasing solution that's easy to install, store, dismantle, and maintain.

On-Time Delivery Guarantee

We commit to delivering sculptures and conducting workshops/team buildings on the agreed dates and times, ensuring everything is ready for your specific events and planned activities.

Participant Satisfaction Guarantee

We promise an engaging and enriching workshop experience for all participants, with guaranteed positive feedback, whether it's for team building, introductions, or any other form of interaction with our art.

Ongoing Support

Benefit from our dedicated post-event assistance for any sculpture maintenance needs or additional questions.

We are here to support you.

  • How long do sand sculptures last?
    Our sculptures are professional creations; we use advanced techniques to solidify the work according to our partner's needs. Upon request, we can spray a natural, 100% eco-friendly, and odorless fixative on the sculpture, which can preserve the creation for several weeks or months. Our record is 4 months outdoors and over a year indoors.
  • What about the safety of the sculptures and/or participants?
    Security is one of our top priorities: The sculptures are protected in several ways; we can demarcate the work with wooden stakes and cords. If that is insufficient, there is the possibility of protecting the sculpture with a wooden fence (ganivelle) or, if necessary, Vauban barriers can be considered. To counter vandalism, we have several means, such as resorting to creative solutions (please contact us for more details) or hiring a night watchman. Regarding participant safety, we reserve the right to allow certain individuals based on age criteria (not before 6 years old), attendance, and our capacity to host. The equipment provided is safe and suitable for beginners. Finally, we have nearly fifteen years of experience in supervising educational activities.
  • What makes you different from your competitors?
    Our value propositions are manifold: National and international expertise spanning about fifteen years, serving private partners (businesses, associations) or the public sector. An all-inclusive offer: equipment and raw materials, setup, creation of the artwork, securing the premises, and complete dismantling. Consideration of our partners' needs and budgets. Adaptation to the event and on-site configuration to offer the best experience to the public. Multilingual communication: English, French, and Spanish. Sympathy capital, yes, our partners find us likable. :)
  • What budget should you plan for a sand sculpture service or workshops/team-building?
    To create a sand sculpture, after a telephone consultation, we always provide a quote that includes the sand sculpture service, the artist's or team's expenses, and possibly the purchase and delivery of sand (or ice) if the event takes place on a site that lacks it. Our sculptures start at €1000, for a work completed in one day. Depending on the duration of creation, the size, and the complexity of the sculpture, the investment will be more significant. Regarding workshops on sand sculpture or team-building, they start at €750 for a half-day of workshops (4 sessions), which can accommodate up to 30 participants per session - 120 in total.
  • What surface area requires sand sculpture or workshops/team-building?
    We always adapt to the allocated action space. After defining the dimensions of the sculpture, approximately 1m of space should be left between the sculpture and the artist. We can certainly create a memorable work with 9 to 10m2 of action space at our disposal. The more space we have, the better it is, but it's not a mandatory condition. For workshops or team-building: Indoors, we can conduct them on tables for 6 people and carry out the initiation in suitable containers. Plan for 1m2 per participant. Starting from 15m2 for 10 participants. Outdoors, ideally 2m2 per participant, for 30 participants, ideally 65m2.
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